Natalie’s profile

Independent Lives received funding from Adur and Worthing Trust to develop a creative project to promote disability awareness and creativity within Adur and Worthing.

Natalie can always be found with or thinking about tea or coffee.

Addicted to research and creativity.

Thrives on large quantities of sleep and daily yoga.

Advocate of active hope and champion of 'give it another go'.

Happiest in quiet green spaces and on the beach with her fluffy friend.

Logo of 'Commit to Culture' by Adur & Worthing Trust featuring a circular design with orange and grey colours.
An array of pressed flowers and leaves with rich colours artistically arranged on a textured paper background.

Pride in disabilities and abilities.

Pride in participation making better communities.

Pride in carers and those who care.

Pride in creativity and individual differences.

Pride in connections with nature and animals.

Pride in holding tight hopes and dreams.

Pride in raising the bar of expectations.

Pride in challenging exclusion.

Pride in making small changes as well as big.