Ryan’s profile

Independent Lives received funding from Adur and Worthing Trust to develop a creative project to promote disability awareness and creativity within Adur and Worthing.

Ryan is passionate about writing and the way it allows exploration outside of yourself.

Because of this he can usually be found reading, whether it be from a book or online.

He likes getting out and about for a drive or a walk through the local area, and sometimes enjoys a game of chess even though he's terrible at it.

Logo of 'Commit to Culture' by Adur & Worthing Trust featuring a circular design with orange and grey colours.
Overhanging green bush with a variety of leaves over a tarmac path with scattered leaves.

It almost feels like if I was to describe the colours I would be ticking off a checklist.

If I had to use a single word it would be: full.

Everything seemed to be full of colour.

Maybe it’s a result of a good thing happening, you take notice of and appreciate things more.

The pavement felt vibrant.

Really who looks at the pavement, full of cracks, dirt and imperfections and thinks “vibrant”?

But it did. The many hundreds of tiny pebbles imbedded in the stone, the whites, browns, and greys, some of the dullest colours imaginable.

They all felt so full of colour. So noticeable.