Fundraising pack

Our fundraising pack offers some great tips on how to make the most out of your fundraising efforts as well as letting you know what your fundraising for and where your pounds go.

Our free fundraising pack has been developed in-house by our fundraising team to give you all the support you need to help make your fundraising dreams a reality.

Discover our impact

Since 2001, we've supported thousands of disabled people to live independent lives. Find out what our work includes and who you are helping to support with your fundraising efforts.

Where your money goes

Ever wondered how your fundraising efforts translate into real-world change? This pack explains the themes we've identified for our fundraising projects in 2023.

Kickstart your fundraising journey

Stuck for ideas? Fear not! We've put together a collection of fantastic fundraising ideas tailored to suit every personality and passion. Whether it's a heart-pounding event, a relaxing walk, or a gaming marathon, you'll find the inspiration you need to turn your enthusiasm into action.

Maximise your impact

Inside, you'll discover expert tips and tricks to amplify your fundraising prowess. Learn how to leverage the power of social media, engage your community, and captivate potential supporters with compelling storytelling.

Young woman and man with Down syndrome smiling in front of a laptop