Remember this December

Help Independent Lives to end social isolation for disabled people this winter. Support our campaign and Remember this December.
Nearly two-thirds of disabled people report feeling chronically isolated. More than two-thirds say that social isolation is affecting their mental health. We think this should change.

We want to empower disabled people to build connections, new friendships, develop new skills and support each other to live independent lives.

By donating or supporting us to raise funds this winter, you will help us to fund the activities that support disabled people and prevent social isolation.

The image shows a simple, stylised line drawing of two figures, representing a caregiver and a care receiver. The caregiver is depicted as a taller figure with a straight posture, while the care receiver, who appears to be shorter, is standing slightly in front of the caregiver, suggesting a protective or supportive stance.

Disabled people are four times as likely to feel isolated than non-disabled people.

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These rates are even higher for younger disabled people with the greatest disparity appearing in those aged 16-21.

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Social isolation isn't a choice. Disabled people have less access to social opportunities than non-disabled people.

Our stories

Meet some of the amazing people that Independent Lives has supported this year.

Laura's story

Our carers respite service provides activities for older people, people with support needs, and those living with dementia. We spoke to Laura about how the service has supported her and her husband, Norman.

Abby's story

Steph has been receiving Direct Payments for her daughter Abby for nearly 20 years. Abby was diagnosed with Autism at the age of four.

Ann's story

Ann has been with Independent Lives since June 2022. She spoke to us about the impact Direct Payments have had on her life. Ann was diagnosed with cancer in 2016.

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