Brighton Half Marathon 2024

The Brighton Half Marathon is going into its 34th year and is one of the first major running events in calendar.

With more than 12,500 runners each year, the Brighton Half Marathon is a major running event and a great chance to raise vital funds to support Independent Lives.

We're looking for people interested in running for Independent Lives. The Brighton Half Marathon is great fun and something you will feel proud of for a long time.

If you are interested in taking part in the Brighton Half Marathon then send an email to and we'll get in touch to chat about options.

The image features the logo for the Brighton Half Marathon. It showcases a stylised illustration of a seagull, designed in a modern and simplistic manner with stripes and a red dot, next to the text "Brighton Half Marathon" in bold, dark lettering. The background is a solid, bright blue, creating a striking contrast with the white and red elements of the seagull and the dark text. The overall design conveys a sense of the coastal location and the dynamic nature of the event.

Donate with confidence

Independent Lives is registered with the Fundraising Regulator and is committed to following the fundraising code of practice. The code of practice outlines our legal responsibilities as a charity as well as best practice to ensure that all our fundraising is fair and respectful.

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